Managed Services for Veeam

Complete Monitoring, Management, and Support for Your Veeam Backups & Replication Infrastructure

Protect you business from ransomware attacks with Observr ransomware detection and ransomware protection

With all the data threats that today’s organizations are exposed to — from ransomware attacks to natural disasters and everything in between — it’s not a matter of “if” you should implement a backup and recovery solution, it’s a matter of “how”. Managing your backup and replication infrastructure can be daunting, and Opti9 allows you to shift complete ownership of your Veeam infrastructure with our managed services.

Completely independent of Opti9’s BaaS and DRaaS services, Opti9’s managed services for Veeam enables Veeam customers to offload the management, monitoring, and support of their Veeam infrastructure to a team of certified experts. With this fully managed service, Opti9 provides 24x7x365 proactive management of the entire Veeam Software stack. 

What's Included with Managed Services for Veeam?

  • 24x7x365 management, monitoring, and support 
  • Upgrades & patching for data protection
  • Design & configuration 
  • Independent & external RPO monitoring 
  • Customizable alarm notifications 
  • Security & compliance reporting
  • Restore assistance
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediating local job failures errors
  • Access to Opti9’s hybrid cloud management tool, Optix Dashboard 
  • Real-time anomaly detection via Observr to detect potential ransomware attacks and other suspicious activity 
  • The ability to consume Veeam licenses from Opti9 or bring your own licenses (BYOL)

Leverage Expertise and
Management from Veeam Experts

Benefit from Having a Team of Certified Experts on Your Side

Managing and monitoring your Veeam backup and replication infrastructure is an ongoing effort that consumes valuable internal resources. When it comes to managing your environment, you have a few options:

  • You can hire and train a dedicated team member to handle your backups and replication and data protection, which is incredibly costly
  • You can assign this task to an existing team member who’s already stretched too thin and can’t really dedicate the time to ensure that your Veeam environment is running properly
  • Or, you can turn to a trusted partner like Opti9 to offload the management, monitoring, and support to a team of certified experts

As a Veeam Platinum VCSP and Veeam Technical Alliance Partner, Opti9 has the skillset and expertise to take complete ownership of your Veeam infrastructure, so that you and your team can focus on what’s most important your business-critical IT functions. From design and configuration to management, monitoring, and troubleshooting, Opti9 has you covered every step of the way.

Security & Visibility Into Your Veeam Environment
with Optix Dashboard and Observr

Gain Unparalleled Insights and Enhance Security with Access to Opti9's exclusive Optix Dashboard and Observr

When you consume Opti9’s managed services for Veeam, you get access to the Optix Dashboard, Opti9’s hybrid cloud management tool, to provide Veeam-specific real-time & historical data analysis and retention policy violation reports. Opti9’s managed services for Veeam also comes equipped with access to Observr, Opti9’s ransomware detection tool that utilizes machine learning to baseline, monitor, and identify suspicious activity within the backup infrastructure. In doing so, Observr can predict and help prevent a ransomware attack before it starts. Observr monitors factors, including the ones below, and can automatically perform remediation action when threats are detected. This includes:

  • Job modifications and disabling jobs
  • Changes to encryption and retention settings
  • Changes to back and replica sizes and incremental change rates
Illustration of OptiXdashboard

Opti9 & Veeam: Better Together

World-Class Software Meets Industry-Leading Service

The Veeam and Opti9 solution combines best-of-breed software with a highly integrated and SLA-based managed service. Opti9’s platform is an external service sitting on the outside looking in. Opti9 will continue to provide alerts even if the software, hardware, or network is unavailable. The included Optix Dashboard, Opti9’s hybrid cloud management platform, also provides the following features, external to Veeam itself:

  • Customizable RPO monitoring
  • Retention policy violation reporting
  • Per-workload protection, usage, and forensic data protection
  • Customizable and automated alarms & compliance reports

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