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Why Move to the AWS Cloud?

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If you’re looking to make savings or better allocate budgets beyond replacing current servers and infrastructure, moving to the cloud removes the expensive, and expensive-to-maintain hardware stored on site.

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Migrating to AWS Cloud allows you to optimize the performance of your applications quickly, while being able to maintain and monitor infrastructure costs that may fluctuate depending on use.


If you’re concerned about your infrastructure going down in the event of a disaster or operational issues such as too much traffic, migrating to the cloud can offer unmatched reliability. This gives your business the freedom to grow with the assurance your data is safe.

Are you Ready to Move to the Cloud?

Identifying what challenges lie ahead will help you confirm the pain points within your on-premises infrastructure. Use our checklist below to assess which factors impact your business and build your business case for migrating to the AWS cloud.

– I have infrastructure that is approaching end of life and will need to be replaced

– The number of remote employees accessing our network is increasing.

– We are struggling to keep up with security and other required patches.

– I am getting concerned about our ability to back up and quickly restore our data.

– We often have unplanned downtime.

– Growing complexity makes it difficult to identify capacity, security, or network problems before they impact the business.

– We are limited when it comes to IT resources and can’t hire to meet business demands.

Step 1: Identify

Finding the right cloud provider that understands the unique needs of your small or medium-sized business is an important part of your evaluation. IDC recommends businesses of your size to consider the following in your cloud provider evaluation:

Differentiation: Choose a provider that has a platform that enables differentiation and facilitates the quick adoption of new technology.

Security and uptime: Assess for security and uptime SLAs and ensure they align with your compliance requirements

Experience: Look for experience, particularly with businesses in industries like yours.

Innovation: Your cloud provider should heavily be investing in the latest innovations. Ask about their roadmaps and research their strategic leadership.

Support: Ensure the expertise and support is hands on for a migration strategy that meets your needs.

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Step 2: Assess

Discover the best path to cloud migration and cost reduction with the AWS Migration Assessment. This program is fully funded by AWS (a value of $20k) to help empower both new and existing customers to assess and optimize their on-premises and cloud environments.

The assessment identifies your actual resource use, third-party licensing, and application dependencies. The data gathered will help you make informed decisions for your cloud journey. Request free Migration Assessment and let our expert team guide you.

Rightsize your resources: Our tool-based discovery approach offers insight into your resources and helps identify the best tools for your business.

Reduce Cost: Optimizing your cloud infrastructure is key to reducing costs.

Explore Flexible Licensing Options: Avoid unnecessary licensing costs with the results of an AWS OLA. Pay for what you use to get the most out of your cloud compute and licensing costs.

Step 3: Migrate

The most effective cloud migrations offer two key elements that allow you to leverage the cloud at the pace that works best for your business:

Migrate with minimal changes: This is the first step with the fastest results. We “Lift and Shift” so you can begin seeing benefits sooner. Often fully automated, this migration doesn’t require changes to the underlying architecture.

Future proof: Adopting cloud-native technologies can help you fully realize the benefits of the cloud transition, reducing operational costs as applications are re-envisioned and become managed cloud services.

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Please complete our form and receive an AWS Migration Assessment assessment. This assessment, with no obligations, represents a value of around 20,000 USD. The assessment can use your existing inventory and utilization data or we can include the installation and support of discovery tooling that can accurately size your environment in AWS.

The outcome of this discovery will be analyzed by subject matter experts that will deliver a comprehensive report with the compute, networking, and storage costs and the potential savings that can be obtained with a migration to the cloud.