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The IT Landscape for Healthcare Firms in 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a surge in adoption of healthcare IT, altering the base of American medical operations and delivery forever. But at the end of 2023, a reduction in digital health funding and a drop in virtual care utilization suggested that spending had slowed down.

In addition, a number of hospital cyberattacks and concerns over the privacy of sensitive patient data highlighted the hazards of new technology adoption and caused fear and pushback to new systems.

According to a recent report by the JAMA Health Forum, the number of ransomware attacks on hospitals more than doubled between 2016 and 2021. Researchers estimated more than 42 million patients’ data was exposed over those five years.

As a result of rising incidents, despite the slow down in funding for care/medical tech, healthcare organizations will increase their cybersecurity budgets, in some cases by more than 15% compared to 2022.

Opti9 provides HIPAA-HITECH compliant cloud and IT infrastructure solutions that improve efficiency, reduce risk and let you focus on healthcare services and patient care.

Healthcare IT Support & Consulting

Opti9 has a comprehensive support service that can provide L1, L2, L3 helpdesk for healthcare IT apps and infrastructure. We team our support with ongoing monitoring of hospital applications (e.g., HIE, EHR), networks, and IoMT infrastructures.

We are HIPAA compliant so understand how to ensure infrastructures and environments are maintained to a sufficient level .

If you need a more consultative service, our decades of experience allow us to assess the current state of the IT environment. This includes a thorough investigation into what vulnerabilities lie and we can help design solutions to cover them.

IT Modernization in the Healthcare Sector

The rapid adoption of biomedical advances, AI, connected devices, digital pathology, population health, connected health and other technologies is contributing to an unprecedented explosion in healthcare data.

Although this is fantastic for research and development as well as patient care, healthcare providers are struggling to modernize their technology to support this increase.

We can help with the modernization of legacy healthcare applications and consolidation of disparate healthcare organization and patient data. We can also review and upgrade IS safeguards (e.g., network protection, application security) and following HIPAA best practices.

AWS migration
AWS review illustration

Migrating Healthcare applications & Patient Data to the cloud

Cloud migration brings fantastic new opportunities to increase interoperability between systems therefore improving patient outcomes. According to HIMSS survey analysts, “cloud solutions are an extension of a healthcare organization’s communications infrastructure and connectivity should easily ‘scale up,’ as more applications are moved to the cloud.”

We can help plan, execute and review cloud migration projects using a variety of cloud types (public, private, hybrid). Along with greater storage capacity, we can ensure the security of sensitive data and comply with to industry regulations and policies.

After migration, by accessing data from anywhere, different stakeholders in the care industry, such as insurers or patient care providers, can collaborate remotely and effectively

Why choose Opti9?

  • Expertise: Decades of experience delivering managed services to a range of care providers across the medical sector.
  • Savings: Providers can reduce their overheads by outsourcing to our enterprise grade infrastructure. Fully managed, monitored and maintained by our technical consultants. This leaves your firm able to allocate resources to other health areas that require attention.
  • Security: Comprehensive security measures and protocols to protect healthcare providers from cyber attacks and data breach.
  • Promote Better Patient Service: Having reliable and efficient IT systems in place enables healthcare providers to provide their clients with better service. This includes faster response times, better communication, and more efficient access to information.

When you think about today’s providers, you realize that any company can copy technologies. What truly makes an organization unique is its employees and ability to leverage those technologies to solve complex business challenges. Opti9 is one of those companies; its staff is knowledgeable, accessible and a pleasure to work with. I am happy to have met them and look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future.

Harry Rivera

Directory of IT of LIPSG

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