Disaster Recovery for your AWS Cloud Environment

Leverage managed public cloud services from a trusted AWS partner

DRaaS for AWS Which solution is best for you?

Opti9 is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and we help businesses migrate to, manage, secure and optimise their AWS cloud environments. Our approach means we give SMBs straight forward, cost effective AWS cloud.

Our suite of AWS Disaster Recovery as a Service options include:

The Opti9 Difference

Our approach to AWS DRaaS offers an ecosystem of services to compliment your AWS cloud journey. We also evaluate your environment against more than 400 best practice checks to ensure we select the right AWS Disaster Recovery strategy for you.

Seamless AWS Integration

Our DRaaS solution is purpose-built for AWS environments, leveraging AWS native services as well as our third-party ISV partner, Arpio, for orchestration to seamlessly protect your data and applications. This native integration ensures high performance and efficiency in your disaster recovery operations.

AWS Service Support

Opti9 AWS DRaaS includes out-of-the-box replication & orchestration support for over 60 AWS Services, including EC2, EFS, EKS, Lambda, RDS, VPC configurations, WAF, Transit gateways, and many more

Consumption Strategy

As part of the service we will design the network + application consumption strategy ensuring users consume your apps from DR the same way they do from production

Fail Over & Recovery

 Our offering automates the failover process, enabling rapid recovery of your systems and applications with minimal manual intervention and our SLAs ensure minimal downtime and maximum availability for your business.

Disaster Recovery

We can help develop and document a strong disaster recovery plan driven by your redundancy level requirements and recovery time objectives.

24/7 Support and a
designated expert on hand

A designated technical account manager is focused on business impact achievement, while you can also enjoy 24/7 access to critical support and expert coverage for proactive and reactive support.

AWS DR Cloudshield

Peace of mind, high availability, and efficient disaster recovery management for your AWS workloads

AWS DR Cloudshield is exclusively available as an add-on to CloudOps, providing a seamless and integrated approach to disaster recovery. With this solution, you gain access to a powerful set of features and capabilities, including the creation of a dedicated disaster recovery AWS account. This account is configured to seamlessly replicate supported workloads from production to the designated DR account, thereby ensuring the safety and availability of your data and applications in the event of unforeseen disruptions.

One of the standout features AWS DR Cloudshield is its automated RPO (Recovery Point Objective) notifications, which keep you informed about the status of your data replication. Moreover, this solution empowers you with the ability to failover and utilize the DR account ad-hoc as needed, providing flexibility and control during crisis situations.

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Fully managed DRaaS for supported workloads in AWS utilizing AWS snapshots

AWS DRaaS is built on the utilization of AWS snapshots for data protection. Snapshot creation and management is automated, simplifying the process of safeguarding your workloads.

AWS DRaaS is designed to provide you with a fully managed experience, reducing the administrative burden on your team while enhancing the security and resilience of your AWS-based operations. Whether it’s for compliance requirements or peace of mind in a rapidly changing digital landscape, AWS DRaaS is a valuable resource to keep your AWS-supported workloads well-protected.


Fully managed DRaaS for supported workloads in AWS utilizing AWS DRS (Elastic Disaster Recovery)

AWS DRaaS is designed to cater to supported workloads within the AWS environment. This comprehensive solution offers a seamless and hassle-free approach to disaster recovery. It is fortified by the use of AWS DRS (Elastic Disaster Recovery), which leverages the capabilities of AWS to provide unparalleled data protection.

This innovative and robust approach ensures that your mission-critical data and applications are safeguarded, maintaining business continuity in the face of potential disruptions.


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