Backup, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Services
for Consumer Tech

Opti9 understands your unique consumer and technology needs.

Reliable Help To
Drive Revenue

At Opti9, we know data delivers the important insights that make your business run. But ensuring you have access to that data to get those crucial insights can be difficult to do quickly and cost-effectively.

A Better Experience
for Your Customers

Opti9 Solutions help provide better customer experiences and business outcomes for your consumer technology business. How? By securely, quickly, and cost-effectively uncovering those insights so you can visualize insights, monitor business performance, and support decision-making.

The Right Technology.
The Right Partner.

Data continues to grow exponentially, making data collection, processing, and storage complex and costly. Complying with ever-changing regulations requires strict security and access protocols and processes. The right tools are crucial to extracting and visualizing data insights, observability, monitoring business performance, and supporting decisions.

AWS cloud illustration

Opti9 Comprehensive
Consumer Tech Services

Access valuable data through business intelligence (BI) tools to generate quick data insights with our powerful solutions:

  • Experts to protect and support your important consumer data
  • Backup, recovery, and cloud services are available to cover a wide range of platforms, databases, and systems in use at businesses
  • Encryption for data in-flight and at-rest, plus protection and immutable storage against ransomware
  • Easy storage and archiving solutions, for both short- and long-term
  • Monitoring, remediation, and Office 365 services are part of the managed cloud service.
  • Support for all your cloud infrastructure and disaster recovery needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Partner for Tomorrow’s
Consumer Technology

The technology landscape is ever-changing. With Opti9, you get the right partner to:

  • Deliver consumer insights through data
  • Plan for future scaling
  • Prevent the loss of critical data

Opti9 Provides Total Consumer Technology Support and Innovation

Budgets are stretched thin, thanks to continuously changing data costs, increased tech competition, innovation, and tighter legislation. Our services can help modernize manufacturing operations and reduce capital expenditures by providing predictable monthly expenses.

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