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The IT Landscape for Law Firms in 2024

According to a recent report by Thomson Reuters, Law firms are expecting an uncertain 2023 with challenges around profitability, client spend and retaining top talent. 

While firms managed a strong 4.8% growth in 2022, it was largely overtaken by inflation. The report warns that while firms may be able to tolerate this divergence for a while, the situation is not sustainable long-term.

Firms are also under pressure by a decrease in client interest and pressure on expenses. Lawyers received record breaking remunerations during 2022 and in order to retain top talent, these figures are difficult to reduce. 

Paul Fischer, president, Legal Professionals, Thomson Reuters said “Law firms need to closely examine all aspects of their business – including talent management, practice management, workflows, operations, and finances – and employ the necessary solutions and technology in order to successfully navigate the year ahead.” 

Opti9 can help streamline back office spend with a cost optimization strategy for your firm.

Remote working is here to stay in the legal sector

Since the pandemic, the legal sector has made a conscientious move to provide employees with more flexibility when it comes to where and when they work. As everything returns to “normal” – firms are still up keeping this practice to retain staff and attract those looking for more flexibility.

Law firms can leverage technology to allow staff to work remotely and securely. Providing hardware such as laptops, keyboards, mice, comfortable chairs, etc, and modern software to assist comms, productivity and cyber security, are key to making the move from the office seamless. Using browser or cloud based software is vital in keeping this way of working successful.

Harnessing the power of AWS in the legal sector

Wherever your law firm is on their journey to the AWS cloud, we can help! Our Opti9 managed AWS cloud infrastructure can be fully customized to meet your firm’s specific IT needs.

We are huge fans of AWS at Opti9 – particularly because the platform is equipped with advanced security features such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and compliance certifications. This ensures that client information and data remain confidential and protected.

AWS also provides a range of tools and services that can enhance productivity and streamline processes, such as cloud-based storage and collaboration tools.

Access cutting-edge technologies at an affordable cost, enabling you to compete effectively in a digital marketplace.

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There is no upside to downtime for law firms

Key practice management applications such as LEAP, LawWare, Clio and Eclipse need to be readily available to ensure your team can deliver the best legal service to your clients.

With our highly experienced, responsive support service, we deliver optimal cloud uptime through proactive monitoring. And should there be any issues, our friendly help desk, account management and engineering teams are always available via email or telephone 24×7 to rapidly assist you into getting back online.

We also encourage legal clients to consider a highly available disaster recovery strategy so teams can get back online ASAP in the event of a disaster.

Why choose Opti9?

Let’s future proof your firm with a service that’s fine tuned to your requirements, budgets and objectives.

You’ll find our help desk, account management and specialist consulting teams friendly, responsive, proactive and ready to go the extra mile to increase your law firm’s fee earning potential.

  • Expertise: Decades of experience delivering managed services to a range of firms across the legal sector.
  • Savings: Firms can reduce their overheads by outsourcing to our enterprise grade infrastructure. Fully managed, monitored and maintained by our technical consultants. This leaves your firm able to allocate resources to other business areas that require attention.
  • Security: Comprehensive security measures and protocols to protect law firms from cyber attacks and data breach.
  • Scalability: We can help law firms scale their IT infrastructure in response to changing business needs. This allows law firms to be more agile and flexible in their operations.
  • Promote Better Client Service: Having reliable and efficient IT systems in place enables law firms to provide their clients with better service. This includes faster response times, better communication, and more efficient access to information.

In selecting Opti9 as our firm’s disaster recovery solution provider, Davis Wright Tremaine was influenced not only by its end-to-end capabilities but by its willingness to offer ongoing support and become integrated with our own technical team. A global firm of DWT’s scale and scope presents unique challenges. Opti9’s expertise lends the assurance that they are sensitive to our DRaaS requirements both today and as a long-term partner as the needs of our production environment and company evolve.

James Luke

Director of Information Technology of Davis Wright Tremaine

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