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Opti9 Tech’s established relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides our clients with an integrated and proven approach to the challenge of DevOps.

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What is DevOps?

Traditionally, IT departments once had two parts: Operations where everyday patching, support and monitoring was completed and Development where teams would enhance the content and delivery of IT applications to the wider organization. The two teams were often in opposition with Ops often resisting the additional workloads of implementing new applications. The result was slow release cycles for new services and features with wider teams frustrated that their organization was behind the curve to customer expectations and competitors. 

Opti9 DevOps services for AWS are a powerful solution for organizations looking to improve their software development and deployment processes. By leveraging Opti9’s expertise and the power of AWS, organizations can accelerate their delivery, security and compliance, and reduce costs.

The Challenge of Moving to DevOps

Moving to a DevOps structure is no easy feat as it doesn’t just fall under IT teams working differently. The most successful examples require company wide change with IT working closely with other areas of the business. 

By focusing on both your business and your people, Opti9 Tech and AWS ensure your move to DevOps happens more efficiently and creates value in the long term. 

As a AWS DevOps Partner, Opti9 Tech can help you combat the shift in two key areas. 

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The Right Tech

Without using industry leading automation and configuration tools, shifting to DevOps can be complex and costly. The AWS suite of tools allows organizations to quickly and safely build products using DevOps practices. AWS makes provisioning and managing infrastructure simple. It can automate code releases, monitor applications and overall systems performance at scale.

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The Right People

As well as ensuring the technical aspects of AWS implementation go smoothly, Opti9 also focuses on supporting and transitioning teams. We champion and enhance new working practices and support our clients with consulting services. 

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