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Disaster Recovery, Security, and Managed Services for your Veeam & Wasabi

Leverage managed public cloud services from a trusted AWS partner

Opti9 is a Wasabi Technical Alliance Partner (TAP), Veeam Technical Alliance Partner (TAP), and Veeam Platinum Service provider who provides services to compliment your existing Veeam & Wasabi deployment.

Each independent service can be easily integrated with your existing deployment without the need to make any changes:

DR-READY: Disaster-Recovery for Veeam & Wasabi

Quickly enabled without needing to make any changes to your production environment, backup strategy, or configuration

DR-Ready provides organizations with recovery capabilities that go far beyond what can be achieved by backups alone, without the need to duplicate data or pay for dedicated disaster recovery infrastructure. DR- Ready complements Opti9’s comprehensive DRaaS service by providing a DR capability for applications that do not have RTO requirements.


  • Pre-provisioned & isolated recovery cloud environment for rapid restoration
  • On-demand & scalable pay-per-use model
  • Dedicated connection between service and Wasabi bucket(s) with continuous rescans, monitoring, and alerting.
  • Low-latency & unrestricted connectivity to Wasabi to ensure fast & concurrent recovery
  • Pre-configured & customizable network integrations
  • Self-service portal to initiate restoration and manage recovery environment
  • Integration with Observr, Opti9’s ransomware detection service to instantly initiate DR in response to suspicious activity detected within Veeam Backup & Replication
  • 24×7 Support: Priority response time SLA and continuous monitoring to ensure fast recoveries
Observr diagram

Observr: AI-Powered Ransomware Prevention for Veeam

We observed a need for powerful ransomware protection within Veeam environments

According to the 2023 Global Report on Ransomware Trends, 93% of ransomware attacks specifically target backup data and infrastructure to destroy any possible recovery capabilities before initiating the attack, increasing the likelihood of securing a ransom payment. Immutability is not enough to protect your environment from cyber criminals. In fact, an attacker who gains access to your Veeam infrastructure can delete offsite replicated data, instantly eliminating your ability to utilize your disaster recovery plan.

Observr works by detecting anomalous activity within the environment they may indicate the presence of an attacker, such as suspicious changes to: job settings, retention, immutability, encryption, job tags, deletion events, RPO changes, incremental change rates, and many other factors. When threats are detected, Observr can send alerts via email, APIs, and integrations with 3rd party security platforms. Additionally, users have the option to configure Observr to automatically airgap offsite backup storage and disaster-recovery infrastructure to ensure they’re protected and can be utilized as a means for recovery.

Observr diagram

Features include:

  • AI and ML-powered full environment anomaly detectionCustom threat detection engine
  • Data Plane monitoring
  • Control Plane monitoring
  • Integration with security platforms
  • Security & RPO monitoring decoupled from data protection
  • Automatically air gap offsite DR infrastructure in response to threats
  • Dashboard with detailed security & compliance reports, audit logs and forensics
  • Automatically air gap offsite DR infrastructure in response to threats
  • Custom threat detection engine
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Managed Veeam

Offload the management, monitoring, and support of your Veeam infrastructure to a team of certified experts.

Opti9’s managed services for Veeam enables Veeam customers to offload the management, monitoring, and support of their Veeam infrastructure to a team of certified experts. With this fully managed service, Opti9 provides 24x7x365 proactive management of the entire Veeam Software stack.

This service can be enabled onto your existing Veeam infrastructure, regardless of where its installed or where your sending your data.

What’s included?

  • 24x7x365 management, monitoring, and support
  • Upgrades & patching
  • Design & configuration
  • Independent & external RPO monitoring
  • Customizable alarm notifications
  • Security & compliance reporting
  • Restore assistance
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediating local job failures errors
  • Access to Opti9’s hybrid cloud management tool, Optix Dashboard
  • Real-time anomaly detection via Observr to detect potential ransomware attacks and other suspicious activity
  • The ability to consume Veeam licenses from Opti9 or bring your own licenses (BYOL)

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