Proven, Fully-Managed Disaster Recovery (DR) and Off-Site Backup Solutions

Be prepared for disasters like malicious attacks, system failures, and user error disruptions.

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Companies that are unable to access mission-critical data and applications are less productive and lose an average of $5,600 per minute of downtime. The stakes are high when data is lost or stolen, resulting in loss of revenue, reduced customer trust and expensive compliance penalties.

Opti9 Has a Plan Designed With You In Mind

To prevent those outcomes, Opti9 offers proven and fully managed disaster recovery (DR) and off-site backup solutions for businesses that safeguard and rapidly restore essential data and applications.

Your Business Needs a Seamless and Reliable Disaster Recovery

The Opti9 team analyzes your recovery needs and ensures your critical data and applications are securely stored and accessible.

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Key Features of Opti9 Disaster Recovery

  • Customized DR plans
  • Multi-platform support
  • Data centers worldwide
  • Fully-managed disaster recovery
  • Reduce downtime with a business continuity plan

How Opti9 Does Disaster Recovery Differently:

  • Pre-planned, pre-configured and customized per deployment
  • Compatibility with VMware, Hyper-V, IBM platforms, physical servers, Azure and AWS
  • Recovery sites located in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montrèal, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Singapore
  • Full ownership and accountability for the entire disaster recovery process
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The Costs are Too High to Ignore

A medium-sized business can lose about $216,000 per hour due to downtime from a disaster. Enterprise-level companies risk losing up to $686,000 per hour due to downtime. A business continuity plan will ensure your business stays up and running when faced with disaster.

Opti9 provides the crucial components to perform an efficient recovery, including hardware, software, management, and monitoring. Opti9 provides the seamless integration of multiple tiers of service of a DR and Off-Site Backup Solution to accommodate various use cases.

Opti9’s award-winning disaster recovery and off-site backup solutions ensure business continuity by providing speedy recovery and restoration of your data and applications, whether your workloads reside in your own data center, on Opti9’s cloud, or in on a third-party cloud service provider

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