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Be prepared for disasters like malicious attacks, system failures, and user error disruptions.


What is Disaster Recovery?

If there was a major infrastructure failure, security breach or natural disaster, what would happen to your business? “According to a report from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40 percent of businesses do not reopen following a disaster.  On top of that, another 25 percent fail within one year”. Even more concerning, is that  54% of businesses don’t have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place. 

Nowadays, backing up your business and keeping things running as usual is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In the age of real time response times and high availability expectations, its more important than ever to have a solid disaster recovery plan in place so your teams can contunue having access to applications and data whilst a major disruption is tended to. 

In a study conducted by Pingdom, they found that the [downtime] cost per minute for small businesses lands around $427, whereas, for larger businesses, it’ll be closer to $9,000. Can your business afford to not have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place?

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Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are often confused as the same thing. In a nutshell, Business Continuity is the overall plan to keep the business running whereas Disaster Recovery focuses on the plans in place to restore IT/critical data. 

Business continuity seeks to limit operational downtime. It is a written document that lists the business’s essential functions, employee contact infomramtion, important records. Basically all the required information to get the business up and running as soon as possible after a disruptive event.

Disaster Recovery is a plan on all the applications/IT Processes that will need recovering. What their RTO/RPO is and who is contactable for each part.

Our DR experts have created an easy to use Disaster Recovery Template that is free to download. We are also currently offering 1 hour free consultation to help you complete it/understand each section in greater depth.

DRaaS for Veeam

Industry leading availability backed by our expertise

Opti9 DRaaS for Veeam integrates your on-premises Veeam environment with an extension to our cloud infrastructure, giving you secure replication and failover in our enviroment. This solution offers simple, unified IT protection and recovery for all your VMware-based applications.


  • Recovery Assurance: Create multiple disaster recovery plans so you can customize recovery for different locations or offices
  • Recovery Group Rules: Define your own RPOs for your VMs. You can schedule replication for individual VMs or groups to optimize RPO and reduce impact on performance or resource usage of the primary system.
  • Fast replication using integrated network compression
  • DNS failover: Easily manage your public IP blocks, DNS zones, records, and make updates to all your DNS records in the event of a failure through an easy-to-use tool within the console.
  • Multiple Storage options
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DRaaS for Zerto

Keep applications running 24/7/365 with optimized RTOs, near-zero RPOs, and automated recovery

Traditionally, DR means recovering data before accessing your systems.

With Opti9 DRaaS for Zerto, users have the ability to go back in time to before a disaster strikes. The software enables you to see if the recovery object should come from the backup or directly from the virtual machine (whichever is more current).

Therefore, customers benefit from sub 10 second RPOs and aggressive RTO for speedy recovery. In addition end users can seamlessly access data during and after a failover event.


  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP): Real-time replication of data from a primary site to a secondary site ensures minimal data loss in case of a disaster or system failure.
  • Virtual Replication: Replicate VMs and their associated data and configurations between different locations, including on-premises data centers and various cloud platforms.
  • Automated Failover and Failback: Enables rapid recovery by automatically switching to a secondary site. It also supports failback, allowing you to return operations to the primary site when it’s back online.
  • Non-Disruptive Testing: This helps organizations validate their DR Plan effectiveness.
  • Multi-Cloud Support: Supports replication and workload mobility between various cloud providers, making it versatile for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Ransomware Protection: By allowing organizations to recover to a point in time before the attack occurred.
  • Journal-Based Recovery: Zerto uses a journal-based approach to store changes over time, allowing organizations to recover to specific points in time, which can be essential for data consistency and regulatory compliance.
  • Application Consistency: Zerto ensures application consistency during the failover and recovery process, reducing the risk of data corruption and ensuring that applications can resume seamlessly.

DRaaS for Arpio

Protect your AWS environment from outages, ransomware attacks and other cyber threats in minutes with the #1 DR solution for AWS.

Arpio is one simple solution to protect your entire AWS environment from the full spectrum of disaster events. It can be set up in minutes with nothing to install or manage and Automated Recovery and Failback will meet your most aggressive RPOs and RTOs

  • Multi-Region Redundancy: 70% of major cloud outages impair an entire region. Arpio continuously replicates your entire environment – data & infrastructure – to an alternate AWS region, so you can opt-out of cloud downtime and get back online fast.
  • Vaulted Data Protection: Arpio secures your data backups in an immutable vault so you’ll always have a path to recovery from ransomware attacks.
  • Rapid Failover: Arpio can rebuild your entire environment, without data loss, as quickly as AWS can re-launch your servers.
  • Automated Failback: When the outage’s root cause is resolved, Arpio can restore your data to your existing infrastructure in your original environment in minutes.

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