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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest and most sophisticated cloud provider in the market today offering several benefits to organizations of all sizes. However, the options to be selected for cloud features and utilization are daunting to many users often leading to misconfiguration and lack of best practices.

Moreover, it is commonly reported that over 80% of AWS users have not cost optimized their AWS provisioning due to the breadth of choice and complexity of AWS billing.

We offer a range of assessments that take a look at your current AWS infrastructure. We can optimize it for cost or performance and advise where you can go next to take it to the next level.

AWS Well Architected Framework Review (WAFR)

Assessing your Cloud Environment and Aligning it with AWS Best Practices

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, maintaining a robust, secure, and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure is essential for business success. Opti9’s AWS Well Architected Framework Review service is designed to help you achieve these objectives by thoroughly assessing your cloud environment and aligning it with AWS best practices.

Opti9’s AWS Well Architected Framework Review service goes beyond superficial assessments. Our team conducts a deep-dive analysis of your entire cloud infrastructure, evaluating key components such as security, cost optimization, operational excellence, performance efficiency, and reliability. This holistic approach identifies critical areas for improvement and provides actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

Our team of certified AWS professionals will evaluate your cloud environment’s operational efficiency and recommend strategies for automation, monitoring, and incident response.

Our experts will help you implement AWS-native security services and follow industry-standard security practices, mitigating risks and protecting your valuable data.

Our team will analyze your AWS resource utilization and recommend cost-saving measures.

Opti9 will assess your cloud environment’s performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Reliability and Resilience: We’ll provide recommendations for backup, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery strategies, ensuring your business remains operational in the face of unexpected events.

Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

Optimizing your environment and saving on licensing costs

Opti9’s Amazon Web Services Optimization and Licensing Assessment helps you optimize your environment and save on licensing costs. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive report highlighting the areas where you can improve, and help you implement the recommended changes to achieve maximum benefits.

The OLA assessment will provide you a detailed report outlining potential cost-saving opportunities and areas where optimization is possible. You’ll also receive recommendations aimed at enhancing your environment to not only reduce costs but also enhance performance. Furthermore, the assessment will include an evaluation of your licensing needs, ensuring alignment with all pertinent regulations for compliance purposes.

Our experts will optimize your environment to ensure the best performance and reduce downtime.

We will help you implement the best practices for scalability to accommodate future growth.

Our team will assess your licensing costs and recommend cost-saving solutions to reduce your expenses.

Our team of AWS experts will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations based on their extensive experience.

Security and Cost Optimization Assessment

Ensuring your AWS environment is secure and cost-effective

Opti9 offers this review as a valuable tool for organizations to ensure that their AWS environment is secure and cost-effective. The review is conducted by certified AWS experts who use advanced tools and techniques to analyze the organization’s AWS infrastructure and identify potential security risks and cost inefficiencies.

The completed report will include recommendations for remediation, prioritized by severity, and estimated cost savings.

The review includes an assessment of access controls, network security, data encryption, and other critical security measures. The review team will examine security groups, network ACLs, IAM policies, and other security configurations to identify potential vulnerabilities. They will also analyze logs and audit trails to detect any suspicious activity that may indicate a security breach.

The review will assess the organization’s usage of AWS services, including EC2 instances, storage, and data transfer. The review team will identify any unused or underutilized resources that can be eliminated or optimized to reduce costs. They will also look for opportunities to leverage AWS cost optimization tools such as reserved instances, spot instances, and auto-scaling to reduce expenses.

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The Opti9 Difference

Our AWS Consultants have decades of experience helping organizations like yours make the most from their AWS Strategy. If you need some help deciding which assessment suits you best, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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