Opti9 Managed Cloud Backups

Your Business Depends on Your Data, And We’re Here to Ensure it’s Protected

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Seamless, Reliable,
and Cost-Effective

Never wonder if your data could have been more secure. Our backup service offerings delivers seamless, reliable, and cost-effective backup and restore capabilities for protecting your data.

Leverage Cost Optimization
via Intelligent Tiers

Master cost optimization with intelligent tiering strategies. Opti9 backup service offerings make it easy to automate and centralize your backups to your preferred partner. Backups are stored in the cloud using object storage.

A Fully Managed,
Backup Solution

With Opti9, your data is secure, and always managed. Opti9 provides a fully managed, policy-based backup solution, focused on security and compliance, which simplifies your backup management. The end goal is ease of use, controllable costs, and the ability to meet all of your backup requirements.

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Account Configuration
and Management

Opti9 will fully configure your account including:

  • Identity Access Management Configuration (IAM)
  • VPC/Subnets configuration
  • CIS foundations benchmark
  • Backup storage configuration
  • Amazon S3, access policy, life-cycle, encryption
  • Intelligent tiering to more cost-effective storage tiers
  • Enterprise support

How You’ll Be Saving
with Opti9 Backup Services

  • Optimized backups at the lowest rate
  • Pay only for what you use, never more
  • Backups are stored in low-cost cloud object storage
  • Costs are optimized quarterly to ensure savings
  • Multiple backup offerings allow greater choice

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Our fully managed backup solutions makes it easy to automate and centralize backups. We use highly-accredited software to ensure your data is protected and safe during the entire backup process.

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