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The IT Landscape for Manufacturing Organizations in 2024

In 2023, IT spend in the manufacturing industry was expected to be $434 billion, a growth of 5.5% over 2022. However, despite this growth in spend, manufacturers were also expected to face economic uncertainty, supply chain disruptions, skilled labor shortages and challenges in transitioning to net-zero emissions products in 2024.

The move to industrial automation and AI-powered decision making processes continues to be in full swing so many facilities are investing in productivity and precision. This goes hand in hand with the need to invest more into cloud services to enable the use of real-time data and The Internet of Things (IoT) to help predict and fulfil seasonal fluctuations of demand.

Although it’s great that the sector is embracing technology, the growing digital transformation also brings increased cybersecurity risks that manufacturers need to address.

Opti9 has decades of experience in delivering Managed IT Services across a range of sectors. We can help with the basic principles of IT infrastructure such as ERP hosting but also understand how important uptime is for production, profitability and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Reduce Downtime & Increase Productivity

Downtime costs manufacturers $260k per hour preventing businesses from fulfilling orders and often losing customers. Opti9 can help minimize downtime, prepare your business for automation and encourage predictive maintenance using our suite of IT Managed Services. It is worth investing in your IT strategy to help meet production and cost targets with downtime minimization in mind.

IT Strategy Assessments 
Opti9 can support you in understanding your IT infrastructure. We then can advise on the best way to optimize your server estate and enhance ERP software performance.

Keep It Secure
All our solutions include built in security enhancement at every level, thus reducing the risk of DDoS, Ransomware and other costly attacks that lead to downtime.

Highly available private cloud hosting
Our hosting infrastructure is spread across multiple sites with best of breed technology, RTO/RPO guarantees and industry leading SLAs

Drive Innovation

86% of surveyed manufacturers say smart factories will be the main driver of competitiveness in five years, but only five percent operate a fully converted facility. Your operators will be able to explore a multitude of process enhancements without impacting day-to-day delivery simply by deploying scalable IT resources.

Cloud Strategy Assessments 
Opti9 cloud experts can work with you to identify clunky workloads that can be migrated to the cloud. Free up resources and deliver cost efficiencies that can be better invested in innovation.

Cloud and SD-Networking 
Our solutions can enable your manufacturing business to become more agile and drive automation, IoT, machine learning and other process enhancements.

Fully managed End to End IT
Removing day-to-day IT challenges frees up more time and investment for innovation and revenue models. Sharpen your competitive edge in a competitive marketplace.  

AWS migration
AWS review illustration

Securing Data

In 2023, nearly seven in 10 organizations in the United States were hit by a ransomware attack. It is now more important than ever to protect increasingly connected applications and systems. Opti9 has decades of experience in protecting businesses and their customers from evolving threats and prevent financial loss and damage to brand reputation.

Ultra Secure Storage in Tier III datacenters
Keeping customer and company data safe.

Secure Connectivity
Fully encrypted SD-WAN and robust perimeter protection by high grade firewalls.

Sophisticated CSOC and SIEM Management
Monitoring and evaluation of your networks to ensure there are no weaknesses that can be exploited by cybercriminals. Our software is backed by humans for additional threat monitoring.

Why choose Opti9?

  • Expertise: Decades of experience delivering managed services to a range of manufacturing businesses across North America.
  • Savings: Manufacturing facilities can reduce their overheads by outsourcing to our enterprise grade infrastructure. Fully managed, monitored and maintained by our technical consultants.
  • Security: Comprehensive security measures and protocols to protect manufacturing organizations from cyber attacks and data breach.
  • Capacity to host ERP applications and more: Job Boss, Visual Manufacturing, Infor, Misys, Epicor, Fishbowl, ECi M1, Global Shop and many many more. All optimized for delivery and availability.


Opti9 has been a great partner during our migration from our private cloud provider to AWS. The Opti9 team has been highly engaged in the process throughout, providing a planned timeline outlining the migration approach, and then partnering with our technical team to complete the migrations to AWS as planned. There were challenges along the way, but the Opti9 team partnered with our technical team to overcome those challenges and complete the migrations as anticipated. We continue to partner with Opti9 to right-size and optimize our AWS environment, and value the partnership with the Opti9 team.

Jim Navin

Gavilon CIO

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