Opti9 Incident Response Service

A 24/7 Service to help you beat cyber threats and recover data

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Have you experienced a Cyber Attack?

Cyber threats are on the rise and the 2020 Pandemic has exposed more vulnerabilities than ever before. Attackers take advantage of users working from home, skeleton staff and slow operations which are all results of rolling lockdowns across the globe.

When the attack does happen, it’s how a business responds that determines the overall impact and the Opti9 Incident Response Service is here to help you through the process, limit further damage, recover and get you back to business as usual.

Our Cyber Security Specialists are available 24/7 to help you quickly detect, investigate and remove cyber threats from your systems. No need to be a current customer, we can help!


I am not an Opti9 Customer, can you help?

Cyber security breaches will always be prioritized due to their time-sensitive nature by our dedicated Incident Response Team. No need to be a current customer – we’re happy to help!

Will you be able to recover our data?

This will depend on the original issue and what backup strategies you have in place. If data recovery is a key requirement, please be sure to tell us when you contact the team.

What happens after the attack has been resolved?

Opti9 will support your organization in preventing further attacks from occurring. We do this by initially taking a preventative approach with vulnerability detection, penetration testing and finally security assessments.

Can you help us with a Cyber Security Strategy going forward?

Of course! We’ve helped hundreds of customers review their security strategies and helped advise and construct robust plans to protect against threats. We can also help with ongoing management as well.

How quickly will you be able to recover our systems?

This will really depend on how your applications and data are structured and what defenses you had in place already. The types of skills required in incident response are difficult to source during a crisis and may lead to a delayed response if you do not have a retained contract with a cyber security provider. Our Incident Response service cuts this corner for you and we will act as fast as possible once the appropriate permissions are exchanged.

24/7 Support and a
designated expert on hand

A designated technical account manager is focused on business impact achievement, while you can also enjoy 24/7 access to critical support and expert coverage for proactive and reactive support.

Have you experienced a Cyber Attack? Contact us right away to get started.