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AWS June 19, 2024

AWS Resilience: 5 Key Strategies and Insights from an Opti9 Cloud Expert

In today's era of digital transformation, organizations across the globe are under constant threat from...

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Opinion June 28, 2023

A Look Back at VeeamON 2023: Innovation, Collaboration, and Recognition

Hey there, Cory Mac Donell here, and today I'm excited to share my VeeamON 2023...

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Opinion August 17, 2022

Gartner Lists Opti9 as a Differentiated DRaaS Provider in Its Recent Emerging Technology Analysis

Gartner’s recent Emerging Technology Analysis: Data Integrity Assurance – Can Blockchain Play a Role?, explores...

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Opinion January 21, 2022

Why Total Cost of Ownership Is Essential for Enterprise Technology

Generally speaking, enterprise technology solutions require significant investments. Some may appear cost effective and simple...

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Opinion January 28, 2021

Big Data and Technology Converge to Solve Daunting Global Challenges

By the day, the realities concerning various global problems such as climate change, disease and...

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Opinion September 28, 2017

Daily Cloud: Network as a Competitive Weapon

Originally posted to Daily Cloud by Jeff Ferry Companies increasingly do business with multiple cloud...

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