Webair Joins Healthcare Tech Leaders on Summit Panel

July 18, 2018 | By Zoey Zelmore

On July 12, Webair CTO Sagi Brody joined nearly 200 attendees, other chief technology officers and senior executives from prominent hospitals, health networks and technology corporations as a panelist at the Health Tech 2.0 Summit in Hauppauge, NY. The event, hosted by the Long Island Press, explored emerging healthcare technology developments and healthcare innovation in telehealth and wellness apps. Webair served as a platinum event sponsor, supporting both our local community as well as the healthcare IT industry, an important focus of our customers.


Another key topic covered by participants was cybersecurity. Specifically, panelists discussed how technology providers are creating the infrastructure and the management framework to deal with rampant security issues and healthcare data breaches. Considered to be the most valuable form of data, electronic Protected Health Information, or ePHI, is highly sought-after by hackers who sell it for top profit. Panel participants all agreed that recent security breaches amongst hospitals and health networks have elevated apprehension and caused fear amongst healthcare IT organizations.

In order to keep patient data safe and manage ever-growing security risks, healthcare organizations need to do a better job of being prepared for a breach by outsourcing firms that can keep data accessible and platforms operational in the face of a disruption.

As a Managed Cloud services provider that takes complete ownership and accountability for the proper storage and security of ePHI, Webair is amongst the few service providers in the industry to sign stringent HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with customers. The company’s Managed Security solutions protect against critical system, application and infrastructure threats. Combined with Webair’s Disaster Recovery services, including proactive and pre-planned, reactive Ransomware solutions, they provide full protection and recovery for healthcare data.

To learn more about Webair’s HIPAA-compliant Cloud and IT infrastructure solutions for healthcare providers, click here.


Highlights of the event can be found here