Navigating the VMware Acquisition: What You Need to Know

The VMware acquisition by Broadcom has brought substantial changes to cloud services. As a trusted partner, Opti9 is here to navigate this transition with you and seize the new opportunities it offers.

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Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware signifies a strategic move towards enhancing infrastructure technology solutions. With a focus on customer success, this union aims to empower enterprises to embrace private and hybrid cloud environments securely and resiliently. Here is what you need to know:

  • Shift to Subscription-Based Contracts:
    Existing VMware support contracts will transition to subscription-based models upon expiration. This change may affect licensing costs and procurement processes for both clients and MSPs.
  • Changes in Licensing Model:
    Broadcom has restructured its licensing model for Service Providers, moving from memory utilization to physical CPU cores. This adjustment necessitates a shift in licensing procurement strategies for MSPs.
  • Role of Premier Cloud Service Providers (CSPs):
    Opti9 Technologies is proud to be named a Premier CSP Partner, empowering us to serve as a Primary White-Label VCSP for VMware. As your trusted partner, we offer competitive pricing, solution optimization, and seamless migration support.

Amidst these changes, there’s a growing demand to transition workloads to the cloud. Opti9 Technologies stands ready to assist with up to three months of free cloud services, along with complimentary consulting and migration support upon contract initiation.

Let us help navigate the VMware acquisition.

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