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Unlocking Healthcare Excellence with Opti9’s AWS Proficiency



Founded in 1994, a group of Nebraska doctors created SecureCare as the standard for conservative care network management services. One of SecureCare’s main goals is to create a streamlined, cost effective, and accessible network while eliminating the interferences of prior authorization. Initially serving Nebraska, SecureCare has expanded across the United States and was named one of America’s fastest- growing private companies in 2021.

SecureCare’s offerings include network management, clinical review, credentialing verification, and provider education which allows them to provide report cards and trending reports highlighting key metrics in their provider portal each month. This ensures that patients receive medically necessary care in line with the patient’s health plan. Credentialing allows SecureCare to identify quality providers to participate in network while eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse through their proprietary clinical review processes. Finally, they are committed to ensuring providers receive continuing education, which enables them to improve the outcomes of their patients.

The Challenge

As SecureCare continued to grow their provider network and drive innovation within the industry, the solutions at hand began to slow them down, causing issues with billing, turnaround times on provider report cards, and the ability to add additional clients to their system. In 2018, SecureCare decided to seek out Opti9 as a trusted partner to create their Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, and leverage services around ingesting, processing, and managing data analytics to further improve the provider experience.

The Solution

Throughout the course of this project, Opti9 was able to migrate SecureCare to an entirely serverless model for their applications with both their portal and website built on AWS S3. Additionally, the site and portal are architected with AWS web application firewalls, leveraging CloudFront to ensure the protection of data through ensuring humans are interacting with the applications rather than bots. For the generation of report cards and billing, Windows files are dropped into an Amazon S3 bucket which generates the desired outcome. For real time reporting, an in-house BI tool was developed utilizing Amazon Redshift.

“With Opti9’s guidance, we were able to expand our capabilities in ways we were previously unaware of. The solutions Opti9 implemented gave us the ability to not only advance our offerings but expand our client base leading to smoother internal procedures and additional cost savings and revenue,” stated Kam Rokon, Vice President of Information Technology, SecureCare. 

The Results

With the developed solutions in place, SecureCare was able to gain full autonomy over their portal, website, and data management while reducing costs that were formerly dedicated to third-party management. With their data and processes now under their control and securely stored in AWS applications, they can not only provide faster, and more data driven feedback and reporting for their providers but meet their overall compliance goals and continue to onboard additional clients in the healthcare space. Overall, the work completed between SecureCare and Opti9 has allowed for continued innovation, and further driving their goal of providing the highest standard of medically necessary care.

Service Provided

Amazon Web Services

Client HQ

Omaha, NE

About the Client

Founded in 1994, SecureCare emerged as a collaboration of Nebraska providers committed to delivering top-notch network management and clinical review services. Their mission: provide cost-effective, interference-free patient care, making conservative care accessible nationwide. Rooted in guiding principles, SecureCare has rapidly expanded across the United States, ensuring excellence and accessibility for all.

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