Case Study

Migration to AWS

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Business Challenge

Opti9 was contracted by the CEO in August of 2019 to assess Gavilon’s entire IT organization. Opti9 is known for their advisory capabilities and Gavilon sought Opti9 expertise in overhauling the IT organization from the top-down.

Opti9 is an Advanced Tier Consulting Partner headquartered in Garden City, NY and Omaha, NE with offices in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri. Opti9’s resume boasts 20 years of custom application development and infrastructure solutions, and the partner holds the AWS Migration Services and Microsoft Workloads Competencies.

The Opti9 Solution

Opti9 began the Cloud Journey process, including the completion of a Jumpstart (customized AWS Landing Zone) and project plans for a Workspaces POC, and the deployment of the Opti9 Migration Factory to start the initial migration waves. In addition, Opti9 worked with AWS Training to conduct a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) and provided recommendations on a training curriculum.

The Results

Opti9 has been a great partner during our migration from our private cloud provider to AWS. The Opti9 team has been highly engaged in the process throughout, providing a planned timeline outlining the migration approach, and then partnering with our technical team to complete the migrations to AWS as planned. There were challenges along the way, but the Opti9 team partnered with our technical team to overcome those challenges and complete the migrations as anticipated. We continue to partner with Opti9 to right-size and optimize our AWS environment, and value the partnership with
the Opti9 team.

Jim Navin

Gavilon CIO


Service Provided

Migration to AWS


Client HQ

Omaha, Nebraska


About the Client

Gavilon is a commodity management firm based in Omaha, Nebraska. The company is organized into two operating segments: Grain & Ingredients, and Fertilizer. Gavilon employs 2,000 people around the world and is the second-largest grain handler in North America based on storage capacity.

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