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March 20, 2024 | By Zoey Zelmore

Since its launch as the first public cloud in 2006, AWS has been a leader in cloud technology, helping organizations cut costs and simplify the way they build infrastructure and access their data. While the public cloud has continued to grow in popularity with time, many organizations still find themselves stressing the task of migrating or maintaining their environments efficiently. Overall, 95% of organizations cite lack of expertise as their main struggle in leveraging the public cloud. That’s why Opti9 has created Accelerate – a program for organizations wanting to ensure their transition to the cloud is seamless and continues to drive modernization within organizations. 

Why Leverage an AWS Accelerate Plan?  

When choosing to migrate to the public cloud with a Managed Solution Provider, there are 3 main use cases. Opti9’s Accelerate touches on all three to create a world class service experience that creates a strong foundation for your cloud journey. First and foremost is Security. With Accelerate, Opti9 will ensure that your AWS provisioning is set up on a hardened landing zone in line with the AWS well architected guidelines. This guarantees that your data and workloads are compliant with current CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks, which assist in gaining necessary SOC and PCI certifications that your organization may require.  

Another popular use case for Accelerate is Optimization within AWS. Our extensive team of experts are prepared to guide your organization in understanding cloud tools, features, and utilization to ensure that your cloud footprint is right sized for your business needs. With ongoing guidance from our team, organizations avoid the plight of overprovisioning, and assist in determining the correct workflows to move to AWS for optimal efficiency.  

The final, and most popular use case is Billing and Funding. Navigating AWS funding programs and billing structures has proven to be a major challenge for businesses – in fact, it is commonly reported that over 80% of AWS users have not cost optimized their AWS provisioning due to the breadth of choice and complexity of AWS billing. As a longstanding Advanced AWS tier partner, Opti9 is dedicated to simplifying and consolidating data around your licensing. Our team specializes in breaking down potential and current usage to provide a simplified view of the workings of your AWS billing. Additionally, we can assist in securing funding to kickstart your cloud journey.  

Accelerate Migration to the Public Cloud  

Once an organization has shown interest in the AWS cloud, our experts are ready to guide you through our structured approach to migration. The Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate framework ensures that no stone is left unturned in preparation for your move into AWS, and allows for a seamless transition to cloud.  

In phase 1, Assess, our team helps you discover the best path to cloud migration and cost reduction with the AWS Migration Assessment. This program is fully funded by AWS (a value of $20k) to help empower both new and existing customers to assess and optimize their on-premises and cloud environments. Along with the migration assessment, our team prepares the total cost of ownership for your potential AWS footprint along with gauging your organization’s readiness for the cloud to create a solidified case for change.  

Once we have completed the Assess phase, we move into phase 2, which is the Mobilize phase. At this point in your cloud journey, we begin to build out your roadmap to cloud, which includes discovery and planning, building out your security and compliance strategy, securing AWS funding, and leveraging the AWS Landing Zone to ensure your organization has a strong cloud foundation in place. At the conclusion of the mobilize phase, your organization has a clear path to cloud, and is ready to begin the migration, and build out your AWS environment.  

Phase 3, Migrate, may seem self-explanatory, but Opti9’s support does not stop once you have moved to AWS. Upon completion of your migration, our team continues to help by ensuring operational excellence, optimization, and modernization in your environment- ultimately helping to control your cloud spend.   

Ready to Move to the AWS Cloud? 

Beyond migration, the commitment to ongoing support sets Accelerate apart, providing invaluable assistance in maintaining operational excellence, optimization, and modernization within the AWS environment. With Accelerate, organizations can confidently embrace the cloud, knowing they have a trusted partner dedicated to their long-term success. 

 Continued support suites include: 

  • AWS account provisioning (if needed) 
  • AWS Cost Optimization 
  • Hardened Landing Zone to CIS Benchmarks 
  • Baseline tagging strategy 
  • Best-practices based initial SCP deployment 
  • 24/7 NOC monitoring 
  • 1HR/month architectural support 
  • Pre-configured VPC/subnet (if needed) 
  • AWS Developer Support 
  • Optix Dashboard- alerting, ticketing, reporting 
  • AWS Budget set-up & monitoring 
  • Basic Identity & Access Mngt configuration 
  • AWS notification/alert management 

Want to learn more? Check out our Accelerate offering and receive a complimentary funding assessment to kickstart your AWS journey today!  

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