Partnering for Compliance in the Cloud

June 7, 2017 | By Opti9

One of the ways to help alleviate the burden of meeting PCI-DSS and HIPPA compliance is to use a cloud services provider (CSP). When Opti9 partners with you to identify your data needs for PCI and/or HIPPA compliance, we address key areas to build value and gain trust for your company.

  • Compute, storage and network resources
  • Operations and physical security
  • Network infrastructure
  • Software development

To learn more about these topics, please subscribe to our complimentary whitepaper, “Partnering for Compliance in the Cloud: What you need to know”. It covers how a CSP like Opti9 can standardize your PCI-DSS and/or HIPPA compliance requirements, how to properly use encryption protocols, and utilize tokenization.