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AWS June 19, 2024

AWS Resilience: 5 Key Strategies and Insights from an Opti9 Cloud Expert

In today's era of digital transformation, organizations across the globe are under constant threat from...

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Government February 28, 2023

Why Government Agencies are Flocking to Cloud Migration

There’s not an organization in today's world that isn’t making strides toward security and innovation...

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Consumer/Tech February 2, 2023

How the Threat of Ransomware Impacts YOUR Industry

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts data and demands a ransom be paid...

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Backup & Disaster Recovery September 28, 2021

What Types of Organizations Need a Disaster Recovery Plan…and What Should It Entail?

Between malicious cyberattacks, human error, natural disasters, and infrastructure failures, organizations without a disaster recovery...

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