Anatomy of Ransomware Attack: Preventing Attackson Your Backup Infrastructure

Gain Insights from Experts on Modern-Day Ransomware Threats and Protective Measures

Key Highlights:

  • Dive into the anatomy of modern-day ransomware attacks as presented by renowned cybersecurity expert, Guy Mizrahi.
  • Uncover why backup infrastructure has become a prime target for attackers and how you can defend against it.
  • Seamlessly integrate Observr into your existing Veeam deployments to detect and prevent ransomware attacks instantly, ensuring your data’s safety.
  • Discover why the Veeam+Observr solution stands out from other backup vendors in the fight against ransomware, revolutionizing your protection strategy.
  • Get exclusive insights into the results of actual ransomware tests conducted by CyPROS against a Veeam environment, and the effectiveness of utilizing anomaly detection to predict and stop attacks.

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