Opti9 Announces Launch of Ransomware Detection Service, Observr at VeeamON 2022

June 8, 2022 | By Zoey Zelmore

LAS VEGASMay 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Opti9 Technologies LLC (Opti9) of Garden City, NY and Omaha, NE, announces the launch of Observr, its ransomware detection service offering at VeeamON 2022, the Modern Data Protection Conference of the Year. Observr allows businesses to detect when anomalies are occurring within their infrastructure, such as ransomware and other malicious activities.

“We are thrilled for Opti9 to debut Observr at VeeamON,” said Danny Allan, CTO of Veeam. “The collaboration between Veeam and Opti9 to deliver this new offering built on Veeam® technology is what our partnerships are all about. As cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated and even more difficult to prevent, we are continuing to work alongside our partners to help businesses adapt and thrive in today’s changing landscape, and Observr is exactly the type of service that users can rely on.”

Observr helps businesses ensure applications and services remain operational and available and that the blast radius of an attack is limited through real-time anomaly observability and response. Observr works by processing data from an organization’s Veeam Backup & Replication™ servers through artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect anomalies which may be indicative of ransomware or other malicious activities. This includes anomalies of incremental backup and replica sizes, retention settings, encryption settings, job modifications, deletions, and other activities. Observr assigns a threat score based on the anomalous activity and can notify customers, and automatically air gap their offsite backups and disaster recovery infrastructure to reduce the impact of such attacks.

“This means data theft can be prevented or reduced, impacted servers can be isolated and restored more quickly, and incident response is more streamlined,” adds Sagi Brody, CTO of Opti9. “If organizations are aware of when the anomalies took place, they have a better understanding of when the last clean backup or replica point was prior to the malicious event. Having this insight reduces manual guesswork and allows services to be restored faster.”

Additionally, Observr is enabled as part of the Optix Dashboard, Opti9’s hybrid IT management tool, and gives users real-time and historical threat and anomaly graphs. Users can configure real-time alerts, periodic reporting, remediation actions, and drill-down into anomalous activity on a per-server and historical basis while also having the ability to export threat landscape reports and customize notifications per-alarm type. Also, Opti9 customers who use BaaS and DRaas services in conjunction with Observr can air gap their off-site backups and disaster recovery environments as needed via the dashboard.

To learn more about Opti9 and see Observr in action, visit the Opti9 booth during VeeamON 2022, May 16 – 19 at the Aria Las Vegas. Registration for VeeamON 2022 is still open for virtual attendees.

About Opti9
Opti9 is a hybrid cloud solutions provider with offices in Garden City, NYOmaha, NEOverland Park, KS, and St. Louis, MO, and data centers in North AmericaEurope and the APAC region. The company is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Veeam Platinum VCSP, along with several other key partnerships and certifications. Opti9 specializes in managed cloud services, application development and modernization, backup and disaster recovery, security, and compliance. With its business-first focus, Opti9 blends experience with innovation and new solutions to deliver on its “Right Workload, Right Cloud, Right Time” approach.