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Agave Pay:
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Founded in 1999, Agave is a leader in creating seamless payment experiences that online and retail businesses can effortlessly integrate into their payment workflows and applications. Some of their most popular offerings include a full-stack payment portal offering one-time and recurring payments, customer management, payment links, innovative POS terminals, secure payment wallets and back-office reporting. As a Level 1 Service Provider, they prioritize Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance along with privacy and security, relying heavily on various monitoring systems to combat the constant threat of global attacks.  

The Challenge

Recognizing the importance of optimizing their operations and staying ahead in the competitive landscape, the Agave team elected to collaborate with a managed solutions provider for their private cloud environment. By leveraging this partnership, they were poised to tap into specialized expertise and bolster their workforce, ensuring a seamless and innovative journey towards their goals. As the environment was built out and their relationship with their MSP progressed, issues began arising that threatened the daytoday operations of Agave. Confronted with possible outages, subpar SLAs, and a lack of ownership from their MSP, their private cloud environment was no longer a fit for their growing business needs. Determined to secure a more robust and scalable solution, Agave embarked on a journey to identify the ideal cloud platform. It was during this exploration that they were introduced to Opti9, an MSP that promised to address their requirements with precision and efficiency. 

The Solution

After meeting with Opti9’s cloud architects, the Agave team and Opti9 decided that AWS was the right cloud at the right time and began a proof of concept (POC). This process allowed the team to ensure operations would be fully supported on AWS and within the Opti9 partnership. With confirmation that AWS was the right fit for their needs, they worked with Opti9 to spin up four separate environments, including production, QA, integration, and development, all running similar code. Within the production environment, Opti9’s experts migrated Agave’s existing Oracle licensing to AWS, resulting in a significant decrease in cost. Overall, the migration to AWS has strengthened Agave’s security posture by leveraging Opti9’s managed cloud, disaster recovery, and security solutions.  

The Results

Today, a little over 14 months into their partnership with Opti9, Agave has fully migrated their local environments into AWS, and repaired any potential errors caused by their previous private cloud partner. Security concerns have been eliminated through consistent penetration testing, audits, and the implementation of 3rd party tools that have resulted in maintaining and optimizing their PCI Level 1 compliance. Since beginning their AWS journey and implementing a multi-region approach, Agave is currently at 100% up time, and has improved SLAs by leveraging Opti9’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution with Arpio 

For Agave, security and compliance are paramount. Agave also prides itself on pragmatism and responsiveness. This leads to a culture where it is possible to make rapid improvements while maintaining stability and security. We needed a partner that could be trusted to be experts in their field and that has a cultural fit with us – folks who are responsive and responsible. Opti9 met that need for Agave and continues to do so. -Suzanne Coleman, CTO, Agave. 

Opti9 is thrilled to continue their partnership with Agave and looks forward to continuing to bring excellence and expertise to their cloud journey as they continue to grow. 

Service Provided

Amazon Web Services

Client HQ

Scottsdale, AZ

About the Client

Agave Pay, Inc. (Agave) a longstanding technology company renowned for its development and sale of large enterprise software systems, underwent a significant transformation, recognizing the pivotal role of electronic payments in the digital era. Through strategic acquisitions, the company expanded its foothold in the payments sector. Following the integration of another technology-driven payments entity, the team experienced an epiphany: payments are not static products but rather an ongoing journey of evolution. This realization prompted a rebranding to Agave in August 2019, signifying the company’s commitment to guiding both its clients and the industry through the dynamic landscape of electronic payments.

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