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Protect you business from ransomware attacks with Observr ransomware detection and ransomware protection

82% of ransomware attacks target small businesses

Companies with less than 1,000 employees are most at risk and companies with 11 to 100 employees make up a significant proportion of the overall victims.

Coveware 2021

$322,168 is the average ransomware payment

The average payment in Q4 ’21​

Gartner, 2021

Phishing is the most common entry point for Ransomware attacks

Rather than specifically stealing data with ransomware through phishing, the main aim of the initial phishing attack is to steal credentials. A study found that 63% resulted in compromised credentials.

IDC, 2022

The complexity and impact of Ransomware Attacks are increasing – irrespective or size or industry, all organizations are being targeted. There is no time like the present for businesses to adapt and put in place cybersecurity practices and tech to stay ahead of cyber criminals.​

It takes more than a piece of software to combat ransomware threat. With 95%* of cyber security breaches primarily caused by human error, businesses will only be safe when the organizational human aspect is defensible as well. In the mean time, a robust backup and recovery strategy can seal the gaps.

Source: IBM, 2021

Observr by Opti9

Introducing Observr by Opti9, the ransomware detection service that gives businesses the power to detect anomalies and malicious activity. Observr utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to baseline, monitor, and identify suspicious activity within the backup infrastructure, providing businesses with a robust ransomware detection solution to predict and help prevent a ransomware attack before it starts.

Offering seamless integration with Veeam infrastructure (whether it’s managed by Opti9 or not), you can instantly strengthen your security posture and rest assured knowing your backup and replication data is safe.

Observr ransomware detection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect anomalies that may be indicative of ransomware or other malicious activities. This includes anomalies of incremental backup and replica sizes, retention settings, encryption settings, job modifications, deletions, and more. Observr assigns a threat score based on the anomalous activity and can notify the organizations and automatically air gap their offsite backups and disaster recovery infrastructure to reduce the impact of such attacks.

Illustration of OptiXdashboard

So, you’ve fallen victim to a ransomware attack or other malicious activity, and even though you have a disaster recovery and backup strategy in place, you can’t seem to pinpoint when the attack happened. This makes it difficult to figure out the last clean backup or replica point to store from, and this is where Observr comes in. Observr ransomware detection provides unparalleled insights into when the malicious activity occurred, allowing organizations to instantly air gap their backup and DR environments, isolate the impacted servers, and then quickly and easily restore from the last clean backup or replica point before the attack. 


Observr is enabled as part of the OptiXdashboard, Opti9’s hybrid IT management tool, giving Observr users real-time and historical threat and anomaly graphs. Users can configure real-time alerts, periodic reporting, remediation actions, and drill-down into anomalous activity on a per-server and historical basis while also having the ability to export threat landscape reports and customize notifications per-alarm type. Opti9’s DRaaS and BaaS users can even air gap their off-site backup and disaster recovery environments at the click of a button right within the dashboard. 

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