Opti9 Technologies Announces Fully Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution for AWS

December 12, 2023 | By Zoey Zelmore

Garden City, NY, Dec. 12, 2023 – Opti9 Technologies, a leading hybrid cloud solutions provider and AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, is proud to unveil its comprehensive range of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions for AWS workloads. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing AWS deployments, Opti9’s DRaaS solutions provide support for both traditional and fully cloud-native applications. Fully integrated with Opti9’s larger portfolio of holistic Disaster Recovery services, this new capability allows organizations to shift DR accountability for their entire hybrid cloud ecosystem to a single vendor. 

Opti9, a provider of managed hybrid cloud and disaster recovery services for over two decades, has expanded its offerings to meet the needs of the modern enterprise who typically use a mix of on-premise, private cloud, and public clouds in a truly hybrid fashion. Opti9’s DRaaS is the only holistic offering that meets these needs, from legacy physical infrastructure, virtual environments to fully cloud native applications on AWS. Opti9 provides fully managed support as well as access to a single portal. 

Opti9’s DRaaS for AWS solutions leverage seamless integration with AWS native services and takes advantage of automation and orchestration provided by Arpio, a third-party ISV partner to provide maximum flexibility and scale. The offering is provided via 3 tiers, each with its own recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) SLAs to ensure each application’s criticality level can be considered and budgeted for.  

“The complexity required to build, deploy, and manage a region redundant cloud native application is far more complicated than most organizations initially realize.” Sagi Brody, CTO, Opti9 stated. “As such, most organizations adopt a middle-ground solution by building and deploying apps on a single AWS region and then utilizing traditional & proven disaster-recovery techniques to achieve resilience.  AWS itself also advocates for this strategy with the launch and support for AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS). Network integration architecture, runbooks authored for various scenarios, testing strategies, replication monitoring, security, and ownership for failover and failback components are just as important on public clouds, if not more so. By adding support for AWS workloads, Opti9 allows organizations to achieve true resilience regardless of where their workloads may site now or in the future.”  

Opti9’s DRaaS for AWS provides support for over 60 AWS Services, including EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), RDS (Relational Database Service), EFS (Elastic File System), EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), Lambda, S3 (Simple Storage Service), Route 53, Transit gateways, VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) configurations, and more. Additionally, multiple replication strategies are supported, such as AWS snapshots and more. This ensures that application criticality can be banded to achieve specific RPO and RTOs, keeping costs in line with requirements. With continuous data protection and automated failover processes, Opti9 ensures rapid recovery of systems and applications with minimal downtime. 

About Opti9 

Opti9 is a hybrid cloud solutions provider with offices in Garden City, NY, Omaha, NE, Overland Park, KS, St. Louis, MO and Ottawa, ON and data centers in North America, Europe, and the APAC region.  As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Opti9 specializes in managed cloud services, application development and modernization, backup and disaster recovery, security, and compliance. With a business-first focus, Opti9 combines experience with innovation to deliver on its “Right Workload, Right Cloud, Right Time” approach. 

For more information on Opti9’s Disaster Recovery as a Service for AWS solution, visit https://opti9tech.com/aws-draas/.