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Best Practices to Start the Process Right

A proven series of steps to make your journey to the cloud smooth and successful. Our best practices foundation prepares your business for the cloud. This comprehensive set of processes, guidelines, discovery, and more makes the transition to the cloud as successful and frictionless as possible.

Start your journey with a trusted partner with years of experience on your side. Gain efficiencies, plan strategy, create sustainable growth and timelines, and much more with the Opti9 Jumpstart Process.

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The Detail and Strategy You Need to Get There

Your detailed roadmap to get all your stakeholders on the same page. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This African proverb is aligned with our thinking behind the Game Plan, as part of the cloud strategy process at Opti9.

Ensuring everyone involved is moving in the right direction together is as crucial as the processes and steps you take to embrace and leverage technology. When you have a GamePlan that is well defined, everyone goes further (and faster too!) Get your team on the right track with the Opti9 GamePlan.

Strategic Transformation Alignment Framework (STAF)

A Multi-disciplinary View into Scaling Technology Needs

Our clients have been achieving operational excellence by using Opti9 to align business and IT objectives for decades.

The Strategic Transformation Alignment Framework (STAF) provides companies with a multi-disciplinary view into current and future technology needs, strengthened and aligned to business objectives. STAF offers high-impact insightful recommendations and impact-focused action plans for transformation.​

We work with you to understand and uncover where changes are needed and why. STAF sits at the inflection point where technology, business, and financial needs meet, which is why the outcomes empower all three groups to grow and scale your company. STAF is powered through:

  • The Opti9 STAF interview series
  • An extensive information gathering session(s)
  • Financial benchmarking exercises
  • Our proprietary framework plan

Reap the Benefits of Our Seamless Process

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The Process

  • Business Stakeholder Interviews
  • IT Staff Interviews
  • Review of Vendor Management Processes and Contracts​
  • Financial and Operational Data Benchmarking
  • Non-Invasive Network and Systems Environment Scans
  • Analysis of IT-Related Capital and Operational Spending for the Past 3 Years

The Outcome

  • Suggested Skill MIX Requirements, Current, and Future State​
  • Immediate Remediation Activities​
  • Process Improvement Opportunities​
  • Benchmark Analysis, Where Applicable​
  • Evaluation of Spend and Operational IT Metrics​
  • R&D Recommendations
  • 18-24 Month Road Map

Transform to Digital with Total Alignment

STAF combines technology, finance and business goals into one solidified plan to drive your organizational growth. Learn how to achieve your digital outcomes with total alignment across the enterprise.

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Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

A Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is a team that ensures your organization gets the most out of its cloud infrastructure. The CCoE team defines and manages policies, analyzes cost, performance, usage, and security across environments, then makes recommendations on capacity planning, modeling, and forecasting.

How We’re Taking the Cloud Center of Excellence Further For You

CCoE Charter Development

The CCoE ensures everyone within an organization embraces a culture of cloud.

  • Standards
  • Guidelines
  • Policies/Procedures
  • Team Structure
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Cadence
  • Metrics

How We Ensure the Culture of Cloud

Project Planning + Prioritization

  • TCO Model
  • Set Migration/Evaluation Framework
  • Wave Planning

Cost Optimization Strategy

  • Establish Policies and Budgets
  • Define Purchase Options
  • Marketplace Optimization

Curated Thought Leadership

  • Finding and Delivering Relevant News
  • Researching White Papers, Articles, & Sharing Insights


  • Representation at Industry Events
  • Attendee Guidance/Itinerary Maker

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