Case Study

Travel and Transport:
A Rewarding Relationship

Business Challenge

Moving datacenters is never an easy task, especially when it coincides with a major technology refresh requiring steep capital expenses and precious IT hours to stand up and provision new hardware. So when one of the largest travel management companies in the US needed to transition crucial operational resources into a new datacenter and refresh storage infrastructure, Travel and Transport turned to the Opti9 Storage-as-a-Service solution.

The Opti9 Solution

By leveraging the power of our NetApp-powered Storage-as-a-Service solution, Opti9 was able to quickly provision a storage container that met Travel and Transport’s immediate needs, without sacrificing critical day-one performance. Backed by Service Level Agreements, detailed reporting and performance-driven analytics, our Storage-as-a-Service product provides Travel and Transport a scalable and rapidly-deployable storage solution with all the security and performance they could expect from dedicated hardware.

With the Opti9 Storage-as-a-Service solution, Travel and Transport relies on these powerful storage features:

  • NetApp’s industry-leading Secure Multi-Tenancy (SMT) ensures fully- isolated VMs, clients, security zones and layers in a cost-effective multi- tenant environment.
  • Multi-Petabyte scalability built to meet any Enterprise storage need.
  • Service Level Agreements specific to customer needs in scalability, storage space and performance metrics.

The Results

Exceeding Expectations

By quickly delivering available storage in flexible performance tiers with no Capital Expense and a clear path for growth, Opti9 provided Travel and Transport a powerful storage solution that met their aggressive timelines, while exceeding performance expectations. Working together as technology partners, Opti9 and Travel and Transport have built a relationship that will better align Travel and Transport’s technology spend to their core business needs.


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Corporate Travel Management (CTM) is a global leader in business travel management services. We drive savings, efficiency and safety to businesses and their travellers all around the world.

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