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How to Transform Legacy Applications

Every day, more companies are looking to the cloud as a must-have for long-term success. To leverage the full capabilities of what the cloud has to offer and ensure that your system can sustain ever-growing and ever-changing requirements, you need a good grasp of AWS services and have a strategy around modernizing your applications.

In this on-demand webinar, representatives from Jelecos and AWS provide an overview of AWS service, common migration drivers and strategies, and a thorough lab demo of the service to put it into perspective for your needs.

Where it’s Happening

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When it’s Happening

It’s on-demand!

Topics Include:

AWS Service Overview

Find out what AWS offers and why companies are leveraging a trusted partner through migration.

Migration Patterns & Strategies

Recognize common migration drivers and strategies around operational costs, workforce productivity, and business agility.

AWS Lab Demo

See AWS in action, including AWS operational responsibility models, Quicklabs, and API Gateway to Lambda.

Presenting Companies


Jelecos is a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in the region that focuses on digital transformation, DevOps, compliance-driven migration, and cloud-first application consulting.